Shadowing at YPAS


YPAS welcomes the opportunity to allow your 8th grade parochial, private, Anchorage, non-Jefferson county resident, home-schooled, or out-of-state student to shadow a Manual student. Shadows will have the opportunity to see three classes, with at least one class in the magnet they choose, as well as join us for lunch so they can see the wonderful study body that makes Manual such a special place.

Pursuant to JCPS district guidelines, current JCPS students are not allowed to shadow any JCPS high school. We look forward to meeting your JCPS student at Manual 8th grade Open House on October 29, 2019 or at JCPS' 2019 Showcase of Schools.  

Please click below to complete a Student Shadow Request form.  Once you have completed a form, you will be sent your shadow date and time within 48 hours.  Any student interested in Design and Production, please visit the Design and Production page to learn about shadow information specific to that department.