Design and Production Audition Requirements
A personal interview with the Design & production faculty is conducted to determine the applicant's qualifications, interests, and motivation. The interview is a simple meet and greet in which each applicant's parents should accompany. Questions such as: "Why do you want to be a techie? What made you pick us? What can you tell us about yourself?" Articulation, desire to succeed, and a willingness to devote additional time after-school are variables affecting acceptance criteria. Previous experience on the part of the applicant is not a requirement for admission.

Applicants can bring some examples of work, a portfolio of sorts. This work does not need to be design and production related. It can be artwork you have done at school, or at home. It can be photos of things you have built and/or created. It can be garments you have sewn. We do not expect you to create items just for the interview. Bring things you have already done. You should be prepared to talk about the items (what did you use to create it, why do you like it, etc.).


The Design & Production department strongly suggests any student interested in our major come to the school and shadow one of our after school classes (Lab). This after school class is mandatory in our major, meeting almost every day from 2:30pm-5:30pm. We offer the opportunity for all applicants (including public school students) to attend our after school class, this way you will have a chance to meet our students (and them you) and see our facilities. We will match you with a current freshman and they will lead you through the different areas of D&P. Our program requires a lot of time commitment and we want you to know you are making the best decision for you. Transportation is not provided. JCPS students are allowed to shadow after school for this major only starting at 2:30 PM.  To schedule, or for additional shadow questions regarding design and production, please call (502) 313 - 4760.
How to Apply

1. Apply through JCPS Options and Magnet

Before applying to YPAS at Manual, be sure to complete the JCPS Options and Magnets Application.

2. Complete the YPAS at Manual Application

Click "Apply Now" to start this process. You do not need to complete separate applications for YPAS and Manual.

3. Submit Packet

After you complete the online application, you will be required to submit a packet to YPAS containing:

  • Headshot (this can be a school picture)
  • Performance resume
  • One page essay entitled “Why I want to attend YPAS"
  • Two Student Profile forms (These recommendations do not have to be completed by teachers at school. They can be completed by private teachers or directors the student has worked with.)

Non-Jefferson County Public School students will need to include school transcripts including middle school grades, test scores and most recent progress report.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are auditioning for more than one YPAS area, you must submit a separate packet for each area. You only have to apply online once.

4. Prepare

Prepare the audition material for your specific area listed on this page. Be sure to work with a private instructor or teacher so you are fully prepared.

 5. Audition

Once you submit your completed packet, you will receive a link to sign up for an audition time. If you have not received link within one week of submitting your packet, please email [email protected]